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Simply find the category which best describes your company and select the "Join Now" button below to begin. Membership applications must be reviewed for accuracy and approved. Please allow up to 10 business days for your membership application to be processed. 

The membership period is January 1-December 31. New members joining between July 1 and November 30 pay a prorated dues amount equal to half of the annual dues.  New members joining between December 1 and December 31 will have their dues credited to the following year. 

Vendor Division Member

Previous Operator/Distributor I Members. Distributors of products that sell to the vending trade, operates mobile vending vehicles (trucks, pushcarts, bicycles,) or distributes product to own fleet or independent fleet. Not DSD.

Distributor Division Member

Previous Operator/Distributor II Members. Distributors of product that sell to retail or food service locations, including DSD. For those who fall under both vendor and distributor member categories, the company should apply as a distributor member.

 Annual Dues: $495  

 Annual Dues: $1,250

Manufacturer Division Member

Previous Associate Members. Manufactures their own product or has produced private label product sold directly to Vendors or Distributors, or through a Broker, who sells products or services to the ice cream vending and distribution industry. (Never takes ownership of the product).

Annual Dues: $2,000
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***COVID-19 UPDATE: Due to COVID-19, IAICDV is currently unable to process any checks, or faxed payment information, for open invoices. All payments will have to be made online via credit card until further notice. Click here for more information. 


Renew by March 30, 2020 and Save!

Renew your IAICDV membership by March 30, 2020, and your company will save $100 on its annual dues!

The IAICDV is excited to announce new changes which have been approved by our Board: Broker and Supplier member types are combined into one category called Associate Division Member with annual dues of $2,000. This pricing will take effect May 23, 2019 for new Broker members. Current Broker members are eligible to be grandfathered over the next three years at the previous annual dues rate of $1,000. Companies who let their memberships lapse at any point over the next three years are not eligible.  Operator / Distributor I has changed names to Vendor Division Member. Operator / Distributor II has changed names to Distributor Division Member.

A company whose membership has been lapsed for three or more years must submit a new membership application in order to renew membership but will not be eligible for new member discounts. After 10 or more years of lapsed membership, a company may apply as a new member and will be eligible for new member discounts.

Does your company already have an active IAICDV membership? Contact IAICDV Headquarters at [email protected] to be added to the corporate membership.