Hall Of Fame



The Hall of Fame was established in 2009 to recognize outstanding and extraordinary achievements in our association and the ice cream industry. It is the highest and most prestigious award our Association presents to honor individuals for their selfless efforts and dedication to our common cause.

Mission Statement

The IAICDV Hall of Fame inductees are not chosen by virtue of their personal success and achievements, rather they are chosen for significant contribution to this Association and to the ice cream industry at large

Nomination Criteria

Nominations are now closed for the 2019 and 2020 years.

Eligible candidates must have exhibited extraordinary service to the Association and Industry. Candidates demonstrate extraordinary service to the Association through:

  1. Active and sustained participation in the leadership of the Association and Industry and
  2. Selflessly serving the members of the Association and Industry colleagues through significant educational initiatives of best practices and innovations in an endeavor to create a stronger Association and Industry.

To be considered for the IAICDV Hall of Fame, a nominee must meet the following criteria:

  • At least twenty years of service in the ice cream industry.
  • Significant, active and sustained involvement in the association and its causes and goals. Participation in the association leadership is a key qualification for Hall of Fame selection consideration.
  • Contributions to the association and the industry at large, in addition to his/her company, in the field of innovation, leadership and education that has proved to be of value.
  • Unless deceased, nominees must be present to accept the award, unless otherwise determined by Hall of Fame committee.
  • Nomination does not guarantee induction.
  • Nominees are eligible to re-apply in the future.

Inductees receive:

  • The inductee(s) and one significant other will receive up to two nights lodging accommodation (as long as not active in the industry) at the IAICDV convention hotel.
  • Inductee will receive a fine quality Hall of Fame plague and a lifetime invitation (as long as not active in the industry) to attend IAICDV annual convention with no registration fee.
  • Two other perpetual plaques with the name of Hall of Fame inductees will be kept and maintained by Headquarters One will be displayed at the Annual Convention and the other at the International Dairy Association Headquarters.

Hall of Fame Inductees

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