Our volunteer leaders work to accomplish the mission of the IAICDV and our goals in several capacities. They are interested in every facet of the industry, including frozen desserts, mobile and traditional vending, food trucks, freezers, push carts, direct store delivery (DSD) and so much more. Additionally, they provide their expertise, knowledge and skills to serve as resources for our ice cream association and help us stand out as one of the leading regional, national and international organizations on all matters related to the ice cream industry.

If you would like more information on a committee, please contact the committee chair/co-chair below.

Annual Convention

Alan Drazen, Simco Logistics Inc. T/A Jack & Jill DSD

Bruce Ginsberg, New England Ice Cream Corporation

The Annual Convention planning committee works hard year-round to prepare for the IAICDV's biggest event of the year.

Awards & Recognition 

Eduardo NavarroGreat Dane

The Awards & Recognition committee works to review scholarship applications and awards deserving applicant's who are determined to further their profession, and our industry, through advanced education. This committee also oversees all other IAICDV awards, except for the Hall of Fame. 

Hall of Fame

Nick Nikbakht, Golden State Ice Cream

The IAICDV Hall of Fame is the highest honor in our industry. Established in 2009, it recognizes outstanding and extraordinary achievements in the ice cream industry. The Hall of Fame Committee is comprised of 5 members: the chairman (a former IAICDV President or Hall of Fame inductee who is appointed by the Executive Committee), the current IAICDV President and three committee members (former IAICDV Presidents or Hall of Fame inductees). Committee members serve a four-year term which may be renewed once.


Chris Long, FTI Wholesale, Inc. (DBA Frosty Treats)

The legislative committee handles legal issues with an eye towards keeping the ice cream industry—across all fields—successful and thriving. 


Mike Barone Jr., Marina Ice Cream Corporation

The marketing committee actively engages the media, communicating all positive news concerning the ice cream industry and increasing the visibility of the ice cream distribution and vending fields. The marketing committee also develops ideas to best promote the business as a whole.

Committee Members:

  • Michelle Barton, Southern Ice Cream Corporation
  • Mike Gardner, Rich's Ice Cream
  • Bailey Jordan, Southern Ice Cream and Gourmet Foods
  • Melodi Rouhani Cardenas, BlueBonnet Ice Cream


Mike Gardner, Rich's Ice Cream

Bailey Jordan, Southern Ice Cream & Gourmet Foods

The membership committee works to develop methods of improving membership and keeping the organization vibrant and thriving.

Committee Member:

  • Nick Nikbakht, Golden State Ice Cream


Steve Rifaie, Sweetheart Ice Cream

Peter Diaz, Ice Cream Distributors of Florida LLC

The safety committee develops and implements safety programs, posters, videos, etc., in order to ensure that vending businesses are operating in a manner acceptable to the communities served.

Committee Member: Chris Long, FTI Wholesale, Inc. (DBA Frosty Treats)

Social Responsibility 

The social responsibility committee is dedicated and committed to:

  • Promoting social inclusion among people with disabilities and United States veterans in the ice cream industry.
  • Providing understanding and educational support.
  • Community outreach and recognition.